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Most of the time, I don’t see canon ships attacking writers or actors over their ship. I just see crack ships doing that.

I’m sorry SQers, but that’s just how it is


ofc they’re going to promote frozen because it’s pretty much the focus of 4A but THEY ALWAYS SOMEHOW INCLUDE CAPTAIN SWAN. 





i’m just sitting here thinking about how good taylor swift is to her fans and getting overwhelmed like she is so… good to us……. every single one of us….

and a lot of celebrities are amazing to their fans and i don’t want to make it a case of ‘my fave is better’ but i just am…


taylorswift I honestly have been blessed to admire the kindest artist there is out there nowadays; thank you so much Taylor for being exactly the sort of person who cares about your fans and genuinely wants to give back to the world some of this beaming light you’ve got inside of you! Thank you, Tay! :’)
"You’d appear with hidden claws, swaying around,
Circling the prey until you got me to fall
Blindly And in love with you. So I’d fly -eyes closed, lips arched upwards- towards the blue,
Propelled by the spring breeze, high above the ground,
As you gradually became my all. Yet again, we started anew
Though such feeling I never knew:
All reason thrown aside,
Sparks taking over my mind. Your carefully chosen words held the key
To untangle my defences like a knot,
Exposing the bare, delicate core of me,
While the truth in your heart I could see not. Yes darling, ours was ‘a momentary romance’ indeed,
For your fleeting, half-hearted, fickle affections
Became all at once and far too recklessly
The deepest self-inflicted cut, the greatest need,
A brand new form of mutilation, my sweet-and-sour addiction,
Which haunts me still and nightly:
Memories sharp as a blade;
Nightmares shrieking in a haze. Little did you care for this heart I handed over To your always warm, embracing hands;
Little did you care when you tossed it away
To my shivering, forsaken hands;
Little did it take you to deny
What you once swore was your entire world;
Little must I have weighted on your mind
When you chose to replace the one you kissed as your irreplaceable; I guess maybe we had too little a chance of lasting,
Too little truth within what was said and promised,
Too little time and will to try;
Or was that just you, my dear?
Who knows, maybe we could have lasted after all,
Or was it too silly of me to wholeheartedly dive in,
Believing you, trusting you,
And willing to give you everything I am? Silly me,
Surely I was not enough.
It took some time but I’ve finally understood
That your self-centred mind and your hollow chest full of lies
Could never be satisfied with only
This foolish dreamer who’s made the fatal mistake
Of trusting you with her heart and soul."
-Not enough // -b.c.
"Even angels have their wicked schemes
And you take that to no extremes,
But you’ll always be my hero
Even though you’ve lost your mind"

Love The Way You Lie - part II

Always too relatable